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- Discord: Discord.gg/kurva
- Steam: steamcommunity.com/groups/KurvaGamingCommunity
- Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kurvagaming

General Server Rules
1. Be respectful to others. Don't use offensive, hurtful, or attacking language, including your name, PFP, and memes. Foul language is permitted as long as it isn't used in an insulting manner.
2. Teamkilling is only allowed under these circumstances;
- Team grief (Stealing items, messing with 914, jeopardizing your life)
- Someone else team kills without reason or cause
- Someone closes 4+ doors on teammates
- Someone kills your detainee
- The other party consents
- Unintentional Cross Fire
- Self defense.
3. Mass Team Killing is never allowed. 3+ Teamkills = Mass TK which is bannable
4. No ear-rape or mic spam; Playing music is fine (although if staff asks you to stop, stop.)
5. Do not beg owners/staff for class change, special roles, etc.
6. Do not purposefully delay rounds (sitting in a room, purposely avoiding confrontation, or repeatedly stopping nuke
7. All teams can team up with SCP’s and Chaos besides MTF/Guards (See role play rules for exclusions)
8. Any forms of doxing, ddosing, hacks, and/or malware depositing is strictly forbidden
9. Stream Sniping or using 3rd party software to gain an advantage in game is not allowed
10. Do not use glitches/exploits to gain an advantage
11. Do not suicide as an SCP just because you don’t wish to play them
12. Do not breach Steam’s Terms of Service
13. Do not Spawn camp for longer than a minute
14. Staff discretion applies to all rules and punishments depending on the situation.
For A complete list of our rules please Click Here

* SCPStats: A plugin that tracks your stats and lets you view them via discord
* DiscordIntegration: Shows player count and logs in the discord
* AdminTools: Gives staff extra commands such as "jail" and "abc"
* CommonUtils: Allows 049 to speak & other customizable features
* UltimateAfk: A simple plugin that detects afk players and sets them to spectator while replacing them with an already spectating player
* KurvaTK: After being killed by a teammate, a message will appear on screen with who killed you and how to report them

For support or further information, join our <color=#1a1aff>Discord and contact our staff or the server owner Alby #1012 </color>