Welcome to the Cat Ladds Server.

In this server you can get a chance to win money!!!
Who ever gets a (Bounty) on their head & kills that person gets the prize!
Rules with the bounty game.

Please have a BSB & Account Number to receive a prize!
PayPal is accepted too.

JOIN our Discord server for an updates!

If (OWNER) "Kirley" is not online on server, Bounty game will not be activated.
Just play normally, thank you.

1. If you are an SCP and kills the bounty, you will not receive it.
2. If Bounty survives the round of the game, the money will rise to $10 more!
3. If you have the bounty on your head and Kill yourself, it will (NOT) Count.
4. ONLY a person on a different team or friendly fire, will get the bounty.
5. IF you kill an SCP with the bounty, you will get the bounty.
6. If the bounty is SCP - 106, killing him or pressing the button to contain him will get the bounty.
7. People under (15 YEARS OLD) will unfortunately can't revive the money.
8. If the person escapes with the bounty, the money will go on to the next round.
9. (IMPORTANT) It will have to be recorded for proof! Send to Owner or admins to receive Prize!

(Server Rules)
-Don't annoy people. Joking around for a little bit is fine but no one wants grumpy members.
-please no mic spam or spamming soundboard. You will be kick if so.
-Don't beg for admin perms you can ask for any other role or for roles to be made however.
-Listen to the staff, what they say goes.
-Swearing is tolerated and be chill on the racism Be kind.
-If the owner hears about harassment or serious stuff, this will be notice to kick or ban from server.