Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

Discord: https://discord.gg/Z8Kha2m (Clickable)

1. Intentionally teamkilling is not allowed.
2. Don't mic spam over global chat (Spectator, radio, intercoms, etc.)
3. Discrimination against age, race, religion, etc. is not tolerated.
4. Disrespect to any of our staff members is not allowed.
5. Do not kill cooperative or detained D-class or Scientist. This counts as TK.
6. Do not say anything may be considered offensive to a person or a group of people, even for jokes.
7. Cheating or hacking is not allowed.
8. Do not camp in a single area for a long period of time.
9. Do not advertise in global chat.
10. MTF<>Chaos and MTF<>SCPs cannot team under ANY circumstances.
11. Do not purposefully shut doors on other players, or be overly toxic in general.

Remote Keycard:
You can go through checkpoints and gates without pulling out your keycard.

Chopper Drop:
A plugin that calls the MTF Chopper to come down and drop items.

Allows two players to swap their SCPs.

Staff have the ability to black out lights in the facility.

Serpents Hand:
A class that has a 25% chance to replace a Chaos spawn and is tasked with assisting the</color> SCPs in eliminating all other targets.

Wait and Chill:
People will spawn in as Tutorial before the round starts.

Peanut explodes when he dies.</color>

Stalky SCP-106:
A stalking ability, triggered by double clicking the portal creation button in the [TAB] menu.

If there are any issues related to plugins, players, or staff, please contact the server owners via the Discord server linked above.