Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

Discord: https://discord.gg/8C9RnDj (Clickable)

1. Intentionally teamkilling is not allowed.
2. Don't mic spam over global chat.
3. Any discrimination or verbal assault against players due to their age, race, gender, etc. is prohibited.
4. Disrespect to any player is not allowed.
5. Do not kill cooperative or detained D-class or Scientists. This will count as TK.
6. Do not say anything would be considered offensive to a person or a group of people, even for jokes.
7. Cheating, hacking, or the use of exploits is not allowed.
8. Do not camp in areas that are generally not accessible to SCPs.
- This includes 012, any amory, and alpha warhead rooms.
9. Do not advertise in global chat.
10. MTF<>Chaos and MTF<>SCPs cannot team under ANY circumstances.
11. Do not purposefully shut doors on other players, or be overly toxic in general.

If there are any issues related to players or staff, please contact an administrator via the Discord server linked above.