<align="center">Imperium SCP Server

<align="center">Join us on Discord!

<align="center">We are a friendly small community who primarily plays EU4, however we occasionally play SCP. All are welcome to join us on either! We tend to play more RP/friendly oriented, but we of course welcome the memes that are so common with SCP.


- No Griefing those on your team (Such as SCPs if you are one, or guards/scientists if you're NTF, ETC)
- Do not harass other players
- Don't mic spam as spectator/radio/SCP chat, and no earrape on intercom
- Be nice to each other, banter witholding
- Teaming is allowed as long as it doesn't ruin the game
- Do NOT KOS unless the other person has a gun or tries to escape/run from you
- Don't cheat or exploit the game
- Don't camp nuke room or any elevators/gates
- Don't shoot anyone who is handcuffed UNLESS your team handcuffed them and they ran away/tried to escape