Welcome to Trial Tavern! We hope you enjoy your stay, but we do have some rules.
Discord: <a href="https://discord.gg/cEMHwSxAuq">Click Here!</a>
1. There will be no killing D-Class or Scientists on sight.
1a. If a D-Class or Scientists is holding a gun, you may KOS them
1b. If a D-Class or Scientists shot at or in some other way tried to kill one
of your teammates, you may KOS them.
1c. If you saw a D-Class or Scientists holding a gun while you were dead, you
may not KOS them until you have significant proof they still have possession of a gun.
2. The server will not tolerate any hackers or exploiters. Any who do will be banned with no chance of unban.
3. If a member or staff member is breaking the rules or abusing power, please report them in the discord. (Refer to the top
of the page.)
4. Admins have the full right to ban you or anybody else all the time. You are liable to control your own actions and
report those who break the rules. If you believe you were unjustly banned, you may submit an appeal in the discord.
5. Follow admin directions, unless they are just playing the game.

Current Plugins:
Admin Tools (Admins)
Lone 079 (Gameplay)
Remote Keycard (Gameplay)
Respawn Timer (Gameplay)
SCP 035 (Gameplay)
Serpents Hand (Gameplay)