Crunch bois small place of chaos

Plugins that are used in the server!
Respawn timer , Remote Keycards , Scp speech

Orange Rules are permanent and must not be broken.
Green Rules can be broken if necessary.

</color=orange> 1. No KOS. All classes EXCEPT for Chaos need to follow this rule.

- MTF cannot KOS D-Class UNLESS they are being uncooperative / holding a gun out.

- Scientists cannot KOS D-Class and vice versa (unless uncooperative / holding a gun out.)

- MTF and Guards are NOT protected by KOS rules.

2. Guards Don't give Out commands to detained personnel that will result of them getting shot or making them kill themselves

3. Don't Kill yourself because you don't like your class

4: No Racisms, Homophobia or hate speech (Insta Ban)

5: Don't Delay The Round

6: Teaming is not allowed But Dclass and chaos can team with scps

7: Harassment of Any kind and to anyone is not acceptable here

8: Don't Abuse exploits

9: Do Not MicSpam in Spec Chat, Scp chat and Intercom but Proximity chat is allowed </color>

Additional Information

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