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We are LGBTQ+ open server for everyone who just wants to have fun. We would love to see you in our discord where we can talk and hangout!

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- SCP-914 Class Changes. Meaning Class D can change to Scientists and vice versa - Disc has full list.

- SCP-914 Teleporting. SCP-914 has a chance to teleport players across the map when you go in on Rough.

- Chopper Drops. Meaning supplies will be delivered on the surface every 10 minutes.

- SCP-049-2 Infection (SCP008). Allowing SCP-049-2 to infect others. If somebody dies from an infection, they instantly become another SCP-049-2.

- Generator Malfunctions. Leading to lighting failures Class D & Scientists will spawn with lights.

- SCP-106 Stalking. Meaning SCP-106 can sinkhole near to any targets.

- SCP Swaps. So if there are multiple SCPs, they can swap with each other.

- Lone 079. If SCP 079 is the last SCP, instead of being automatically recontained, it will become another SCP.

- Peanut Heking Explodes. He really does tho.

- Damage Hints. Get notified when you do damage to another player so you can tell how far from death they are.

- Custom Telsa Controls. MTF and Scientists do not trigger the Tesla Gates as they official foundation personnel.

- Kingpin. Occasionally the Kingpin spawns in D class Spawn with buffs and nerfs.


1. Absolutely no hate speech intended to be offensive or hostile to anyone, there will be absolutely no tolerance for any form of discriminatory slurs/phrases.

2. Guards cannot kill D-class for no reason, they may kill them if they are refusing to follow orders,fleeing or any form of disobeying. Guards can KOS after a wave spawn has occured or a scientist has escaped.

3. No team sabotage teaming, SCPs cannot team with D-class, Scientists, Guards, or NTF. No shutting doors on teammates to inconvenience them or make the game harder, especially in attempt to get them killed. No killing people who are cuffed too, even scientists D class are allowed to Team sab and kill other d class.

4. No disrespecting any staff members of the server. And do not persist on asking for staff perms/RA password and etc.

5. No overly loud SFX/Noises on intercom, spectator chat and radio/scp chat.

6. Anyone deemed a threat to the server or the people on it may be insta banned without reason having to be served.

7. Abuse of the report function is prohibited.
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Please ask a member of staff if you do not understand why you were punished on our discord

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