BloodForge Server Information


-Hosted In EU

-Discord https://discord.gg/66aNuyQ

-FriendlyFire is Disabled

-SCP 575 a playable scp that is very spooky ;). more information on discord #information channel.
-Stalky 106 can stalk players double tap portal create button. minimum players alive 4 to be able to stalk.
-Sinkholes can swallow ya.
-customroles to use any ability related role please do "cmdbind [KEY] .special" without " to be able to use those abilities.
We will be looking to add more but for now we are going slow making sure stuff doesnt bug out.
We dont want a heavily modded server as it gets to confusing for new players.
We will be eventually making a dev server to test our new stuff before adding them we will be looking for testers.


1) No ghosting.

2) We do not tolerate racism or sexually abusive comments toward others.

3) Do not try to impersonate staff members.

4) Being disrespectful to other players or staff is not toleratoed and will result in fair punishment.

5) No threatening to DDoS or take down our network.

6) No asking for other players personal information (IE: home address, phone number).

7) No mic or chat spamming.

8) No Double accounting.

9) No Harassment.

10) Do not attempt to make loopholes in the rules.

11) No Trolling (e.g: Closing doors or teammates, trapping teammates in rooms.

12) No Evading Bans (e.g: Using different steam accounts or any other means to avoid a ban).

13) No Delaying Rounds (example purposely not killing each other to delay a round. Camping a room for more than 5 mins. These are just examples any other way to delay a round is also punishable).

14) No Camping MTF/Chaos Spawn Points.

Need Support Please Contact - [email protected]

Feel free to support us at https://www.patreon.com/bloodforge?fan_landing=true