Welcome To Pepe's life.

Basic rules
1. Do not hack, DDOS, DOX or threaten to. (will result in perma ban)
2. Do not stall the round (This will result in despawn if you do this).
3. Do not micspam in Spectator chat, Intercom, or SCP Chat. (This will get you muted)
4. Do not KOS.
4a.D-class, Scientists are not allowed to kill each other unless the other is acting hostile or not cooperating. Guards/MTF/CI are not allowed to kill Dclass/Scientist unless they are stalling the round, acting hostile or not cooperating.
4b. If they are armed then you are allowed to kill them.
4c. MTF/Guards and Chaos are allowed to kill each other.
5. Do not false surrender. You must remain surrendered unless they are killed or you are separated from your captor for some time.
6. Sexism, racism, or any other form of discrimination is strictly forbidden and you may get warned or muted.
7. do not target content creators/admins for being who they are.

Teaming rules
1. MTF and Guard are not allowed to team with CI, ever.
2.CI and SCPs may team
2a. They are allowed to betray the other at any moment.
3.SCPs must try and work together, as in, do not hinder your fellow SCPs (this is mainly for SCP-079).
4.SCPs are allowed to spare Dclass and Scientist but do not repeatedly do this.
5.MTF and SCPs are not allowed to team ever.