Welcome to D-Boys R Us

Please report any issues via Discord.

Discord Server:
===> Join Discord <===

Server Location:
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Server Rules:
1. No cheating (duh).
2. No teamkilling when friendly fire is enabled.
2a. You may kill a team member who made a deal with SCPs (traitors!).
3. No mic spam
4. Profanity is allowed but keep it respectful.
5. Teaming is not allowed (exceptions below).
5a. D-boys & Scientist may work together to escape, however, friendship between D-boys and Scientists must end once they become Chaos/MTF.
5b. An SCP may let a player survive a single encounter if the player opens a door other players are locked behind. Once the door has been opened SCPs are expected to continue trying to kill the player.
6. Killing disarmed players is not allowed.