Discord : https://discord.gg/AhFJtw8Adg

No unfair advantage. (Meta-gaming - telling the last person is afk is fine)

2. Follow standerd SCP:SL Rules (no hacking or cheating)

3. If you find a bug, either report it to the discord OR report it to staff-in game.
They know what to do.

4. Teaming is allowed due to fights in the past.

5. Do not say the N word, slurs or anything to offend anyone.

6. Events are not allowed on this server YET. Please do not ask for events as it's held on another server.

7. Do not teamkill for ANY reason. (staff, you are allowed to teamkill but you MUST respawn them back in.)
The fact that FF is often on (mostly sometimes off) , we do tests while it being on.

8. If you find a rule breaker please report it to the discord server which is

If you follow all the rules and don't break them you will be fine have a good time in Site 17.