Discord: discord.gg/tegf or click on the link down below!
Click for our discord.
Have any questions? contact me! discord: Dabosskiller.#6969
24/7 Staff hiring in discord!
1.No Micspam, only time it's allowed is in INTERCOM and PROXIMITY chat ONLY
2. No N word
3. Don't be stupid :)
4.You can micspam songs with bad words just make sure there is no N-word in the song.
5. There's really not much rules just enjoy!
6. You can micspam on intercom just make sure it isn't loud.
7. No F slurs, nothing used against gay people
8. Don't advertisement in the server.
9. Racial/Homophobic slurs are not allowed in this server.
10.You can team with SCP's under one condition if it's not stalling the game or making people annoyed.
11. Be Respectful to all users and staff.
12. Have fun
13.Join the discord if you haven't already.

SCP-049 can talk to non scps, lights randomly go out!
No need to drop your keycard in 914, just hold it out and upgrade it!

I've gotten many reports saying my staff been holding up the game because their in tutorial. It mostly means they are in a sit with someone or doing some stuff to get privacy. Tutorials do NOT hold up the game.

Thanks for joining the server! :)