#1: Do not intentionally be toxic or talk about a controversial topic.
- Swearing is allowed for @everyone, as long as it is not directed towards another member in a harsh manner.
- Racism is not allowed.
- Homophobia is not allowed.

#2: Hacking, cheating, or using game glitches is not allowed.
- Due to the possibility of ruining the gaming experience for other users, cheating or using hacks is an immediate ban in both the discord and server the offender is playing on.
- In cases where users are exploiting minor game glitches, staff will have complete discretion to issue punishments that they seem is fit for the situation.

#3: Do not incorrectly use in-game communication.
- Do not spam in any of the chats.
- Music/soundboards are fine, however songs/sound cannot have racial/homophobic slurs in it.