Hello! Welcome to my roleplay server, I am a quite active owner and am in game at most times. I have some general rules for the new players. Please join our discord!: Click here! This is a hard RP Server so follow the rules as best you can. Our general rules:
1. Please be respectful to the other players and admins, we are all trying to have a good time
2. No racism, homophobia or any such anyone who breaks this rule gets a 2 week ban and a permanent mark on the record
3. Being a evasive with admins will give a 3 day ban, but I hope that if anyone gets banned they rejoin
4. No elevator bombing, I can see kill logs and I will find out
5. I personally make sure this server follows the NLR (New Life Rule) so if you get killed as dr. Bob and you get spawned back in ( On the same match) you can’t be dr. Bob again but you can be dr. Jimmy
6. If you are being extremely inappropriate examples: moaning, pretending to do drugs is not allowed due to reasons
7. We accept everyone and if me or one of my admins finds you being homophobic we will ban you. 8. No soundboards unless roleplayed properly.
9. No breaking rp unless the funni happens
Alright that’s all the rules for now, just favorite the server and our discord like will be here soon! Have fun and enjoy the roleplay! Ps. If you find an admin abusing just say “Dr. Idiot can I talk to you” I can help. My ingame user is dr. Idiot with a sharp stick and I have the “Server owner” badge. Alright if anyone got this far I’m surprised but just follow these rules and we will be chill