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1. No hacking or exploiting.
2. No intentional team killing.
3. No prolonging rounds by ignoring your objective.
4. Guards should cuff D-Class instead of killing when possible.
Scientists should avoid killing unarmed D-Class.
Killing cuffed D-Class as MTF / Scientist / Guard is not allowed unless they are on the surface.
5. D-Class should avoid killing Scientists for no reason.
6. Admin / Owner say is final.

Preset Teams:
Chaos & D-Class
MTF, Guards, & Scientists

Teaming Rules:
No Chaos & MTF Teams
No SCPs & MTF / Guards / Scientists Teams.
SCPs can team with D-Class / Chaos but they don't have to.

Rules subject to change.
Server operates on a three strikes your out system.
Warn -> Kick -> TempBan
We save perma-bans for the worst of the worst.