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Server Moderation

<indent=28%>benni#5120</indent> <indent=53%>Owner</indent>
<indent=28%>DavidFrog#9502</indent> <indent=53%>Admin</indent>
Server Rules
[1] If staff say something is against the rules, it is, regardless of what is stated here.. Join the Discord and message an Admin or use the e-mail found below, if you have an issue with how a staff member conducted themselves.
[2] Do not attempt to bypass punishments.
[3] This server is English-only. We cannot moderate other languages and they are therefor not allowed.
[4] Swearing is allowed. Hate speech, harassment, and racial slurs are not.
[5] No mic-spam, playing music or using soundboards over the spectator chat, intercom, SCP-chat or radio.
[6] No trolling. This includes, but is not limited to: Closing doors on teammates for no reason, trapping teammates, spamming the warhead lever, suiciding as SCP, etc. Disarmed players may only be killed by the person who disarmed them if the subject is complying.
[7] Cross-teaming and is not allowed. The one exception being CI and SCPs, if it doesn't team grief Class-D or if you intend to disarm a class-D(s)/scientist(s) later, you may team up temporarily. SCPs may make a deal with other teams if they are trapped in a room.
[8] Do not stall and delay the round. This generally means staying in the same area(s) for a prolonged amount of time with no attempts at changing the status quo.
[9] Do not harass, beg or impersonate staff.
[10] Using hacks (3rd party game addons) will result in a global ban and the use of other external software to give you an advantage can result in a local one.

"Prime-Time" (Most people on) from 5-10PM CEST

Server Owner Contact E-Mail: [email protected]