<size=20>Secure.Contain.Protect - LAST ENCOUNTER</size=20>

Slots: 15
Friendly Fire: OFF

The server is hosted in EUROPE, therefore, people located outside might encounter some high latency.

Added Plugins:
Lucky Pills - Every time you take pills, instead healing you it will now give you a random status effect.
SCP-069 - SCP-069 is a new playable SCP, which will play out the same as SCP-049 without the ability to respawn zombies, but when it kills its first victim, it will take it's body, size and inventory, thus almost perfectly replicating his victim.
Rescue Squad (UIU) - A new rescue team that'll help Class-D Personnel escape.
ForceSTS - MTF team will now spawn shoulder to shoulder instead of randomly thrown at their spawn.
Stamina Control - A roleplay requested plugin that'll punish players by taking away 20 stamina when jumping.
Private Broadcast - A custom message for ClassD spawn.
</color></b>SCP-012</color></b> - Adds a new LETHAL SCP called "A Bad Composition" that will attract a player and kill inside its containment chamber
Scanner - It'll automatically scan for people/SCP's or military alive personnel.
Realistic Sizes - It'll change the characters sizes to match the roleplay.
RPNames -Names are being switched with different names for more roleplay style.
And many more other plugins, for more info come to our discord.

1. Do not hack/cheat.
2. Do not deliberately teamkill, revenge teamkill or damage teammates.
Crossfire and self-defense are fine.
3. Do not intentionally delay the round by staying AFK, hiding in a spot for too long or by not contributing.
4. Follow the guidelines regarding cross-teaming.
5. Follow the guidelines regarding mic usage in-game.
6. Even if the server is made for ROMANIAN and ENGLISH people, the language used to use mic is ENGLISH.
7. D-Class personnel may teamkill other D-Class in light containment before Chaos arrives in the area.
8. Do not instigate teamkilling by intentionally shooting near teammate, coaxing other players to teamkill or repeatedly closing doors on teammates.
9. Do not use exploits that can put you outside of the map/playable area or that give you an extreme unfair advantage. (This applies to SCP 106 portal in the elevator and the surface railing teleport glitch).
10. If a player is AFK for more than 20 seconds at the beginning of a spawn, they may be teamkilled freely.
11. Admins say is FINAL(Judgement is a person-to-person so please don't come complaining to me or any other that "someone said you could".)
12. Do not intetionally call-out admins in-game if they are trying to catch rule-breakers or if you're trying to bring attention to them.

Guidelines for mic usage in-game.
- Do not spam your microphone. (This includes music/videos over the NTF radio, Dead chat or in the SCP chat, otherwise in game/the intercom is fine.)
- Do not ear-rape over your microphone. (This includes dead-chat,SCP chat, Radio, Round End/Start and Intercom).
- Do not express racist/anti-semitic/homophobic/transphobic views or slurs over the microphone in any way shape or form.
- You will always be warned before being punished for mic-related offenses. (Unless the mic-related offense regards racist/anti-semitic/transphobic/homophobic on the official server).
- The main language, just specified above using mic is ENGLISH.

Cross-Teaming Guidelines
- Rules in progress. -


Please contact Self Hatred#6666 on discord with questions, issues, or suggestions.