Peanut's Laboratory

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Soundboards are DONATOR-ONLY. Don't use it in-game unless you are a DONATOR. Micspamming rules still apply to ANYONE.
If you witness any Admin Abuse, join the discord (link above) and DM a server director about it.
If anyone is breaking the rules, join the discord (link above) and report it in the reports channel on the discord with evidence.

1. Don't disrespect staff or other players, and do not impersonate or argue with staff members.
2. Don't be toxic in general, keep the offensive stuff to a minimum.
3. Cheating will result in a permanent ban, exploiting may result in a permanent ban.
4. No earrape/micspamming. This includes music over proximity mic in game, and on the intercom.
5. Do not delay rounds. (Example: Sit in 914 forever, hide in 106 chamber, etc.)
6. Do not close doors on teammates. Period.
7. Do not ghost. (Do not tell people what/what not to do when you are dead and spectating.)
8. Do not shoot cuffed personnel for any reason.
9. D-Class may not be killed by guards in Light Containment until either NTF or Chaos has spawned. However, scientists are allowed to kill them at any time, unless they're cuffed by a guard.
10. D-Class are allowed to be killed in Heavy Containment and Entrance Zone regardless of if a team has spawned or not.
11. Do not kill yourself, even if you are a role you do not like.
12. Don't mini-mod, allow the staff to handle situations and if there are any forming please notify staff instead of taking it into your own hands.
13. Do not harass any user in any sort of derogatory way / annoying way
<size=15><color=orange>14. Do not target specific players (Example: Annoying a specific player / simping)
<size=14><color=orange>15. Avoiding a ban in any way will result in a immediate permaban.

- Scientists and D-Class may team.
- Chaos Insurgency, SCPs, and D-Class are also allowed to team.
- Other forms of teaming aren't allowed (Example: Chaos and Scientists teaming.)
Teams that are obviously supposed to team together are allowed to team. (Example: Scientists and MTF.)
(SCPs may show "mercy" to Scientists or D-Class personnel.)