Welcome to CryptNation! Here we can overview the servers while communicating with the SCP_SL Community, Admins and Moderators are here to assist in the maintenance of these servers.

Use this link to join our discord!
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1. No mic spamming or playing music,especially over the intercom (Will be Muted)
2. Do not harass other players. (Will be Warned)
3. An admin's/mod's word is final so do not challenge it. (Will be Kicked)
4. Do not cheat/hack/mod/etc. (Will be Banned!)
5. Do not take matters into your own hands. If someone else is breaking the rules report them via the discord. (Will be Warned)
6. Do not delay/prolong the round e.g. being 106 and locked in a room with a horde NTF waiting outside. (Will Be Kicked)
7. Do not teamkill!. (Will Be Warned)
8. Do not ghost. (spectate enemies then reveal their location to alive players) (Will be Warned)
9. Do not kill yourself if you have a role you dislike e.g. suicide after becoming 049-2. (Will be Warned)
10. Do not team with the enemies! (Will be Kicked)
Team Killing will only be punished if it's on purpose.


Server 1: Casual -

I hope you have fun playing on our servers and have the best possible support from our management team!