The Barber Shop

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1. Harassment/Racist comments are not allowed under any circumstance. This includes racial and homophobic slurs.
2. No earrape in the spectator chat/scp chats/radios/intercom. Music is allowed as long it is not abused and the music is stopped if requested.
3. Teaming is not allowed between Chaos Insurgency & NTF AND NTF & SCPs. You may not team with opposing factions in an effort to go against your own faction (including Chaos to other chaos, D-class to Chaos, etc)
4. Cheating is a globally bannable offense. Don't do it.
5. If you're annoying, you'll likely be muted and/or kicked. Don't be annoying.
6. Killing cuffed and cooperative opposing factions is NOT allowed. They may be killed only if they are not cooperating or if they are holding up the round.