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- Hosted in the UK
- Friendly fire is disabled
- 049 can talk to humans
- 173 heals slightly with each kill
- remote key card
- we do events often
- in game patron tiers

- 1. No racism, bigotry, hate-speech, including (but not limited to) slurs or derogatory terms that incite hate against any specific group. Attempts to circumvent this rule will be treated equally severe. This includes steam usernames and/or music that include slurs.
Everyone is subject to rule 1 regardless of their association with LGBTQ or race. Any attempt to instigate another party to break this rule will still be punished just as severe.

- 2. No mic-spam is allowed in spectator chat, the radio, scp chat and the intercom.
Music is passable over the intercom and while alive as long as it isn’t too loud, and the lyrics do not incite hate.
Mic-spam may include but is not limited to: Excessive playing of audio clips on a SoundBoard, lengthy music clips, and random loud noises (i.e. Continuously making noises, talking close into a microphone, screaming without reason, etc.) that can be classified as earrape.

- 3. Harassment of any form is not allowed.
It does not matter whether it is age, race, or gender; there is a fine line between poking for fun and harassing someone.

4. No N word at ALL and same goes for F slur

5. Do not suicide to avoid playing as a class.

6. Teaming with a user from another team is generally allowed, so long as it doesn’t stall the round.

7. You are not permitted to intentionally grief other players on your team. For example, activating a tesla gate on SCP teammates as SCP-079.

8. Do not abuse plugin issues or any exploits to lag the server, glitch into bugged spots of the map, or gain some other unfair advantage over others.

9. No advertising other servers