SCP Nordic

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Server Rules

Player Conduct

1.1. This is an English only server.
1.2. Any form of discrimination or usage of slurs is prohibited.
1.3. Don't encourage others to break the rules.
1.4. Don't ask for personal information.
1.5. Don't impersonate other players or staff.

Gameplay Rules
2.1. Don't teamkill for no reason.
Teamkilling is permitted should both parties allow it.
2.2. Cheating or exploiting game bugs is prohibited.
2.3. Don't target specific individuals in any way.
2.4. Don't sabotage your team.
Working against your team objective counts as sabotage.
2.4.2. Killing cuffed and escorted Class-D/Scientists counts as team sabotage.
2.5. Don't play music or sounds in spectator, radio or SCP chat.
2.6. Don't cross team.
Short deals are permitted.
2.7. Don't intentionally delay rounds or excessively camp.
2.8. Don't ghost.

3.1. Don't interfere with staff related duties or reveal hidden staff.
<size=14>3.2. Don't attempt to avoid punishment.
<size=14>3.3. Staff have the final say.
<size=14>3.4. Leave the moderation to staff. (don't mini-mod)

Please refer to the support tickets in our Discord for any reports against other players.

Alternatively use the ingame report system (accessed through the player list) for light reports.

Server Plugins: Tophat, Admintools