Serpent's Laboratory


This server is friendly towards anyone and everyone. Homophobia, Racism or any bigotry is a no warning ban.



For information on server plugins and their functions join the Discord!

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This server does NOT punish players for KOS of any kind.


Serpent's Rules

1. No hate speech, harrassment or bigotry. Anything racist, homophobic Ect. is not allowed.

2. No mic-spam is allowed at all and soundboards are not allowed in spectator chat or radio.

3. This server is intended for mature audiences! If thought to younge you could be temp-banned years.

4. Staff members reserve the right to punish players just for disrespect. They deserve at least that.

5. Teaming is generally allowed, so long as it doesn’t stall the round.

6. Do not grief other players on your team! Intentionally killing your allies is never allowed.

7. Do not abuse any exploits to lag the server or gain some other unfair advantage over others. Glitching into bugged spots on the map is allowed as long as it doesn't pro-long the round!

8. No advertisements of any form, including over the intercom or in voice chat.


We believe people can grow with time; Got banned and want to appeal? (Click Here)