(Machine voice with voice recognition is also OK.) If you can't, let's make the environment better.
Prohibited acts
1. Abusive or offensive language toward others
Noisy voice chat
3. Pointless friendly fire (e.g. massacre of allies) (if you are FF'd, do not return the FF)
(Please don't do this)
4. Indiscriminate slaughter of unarmed and unresisting D-class people
5. Climbing or jumping over fences on the servers, lockers, SCP106 housing cells, or on the ground in the off-limits zone server room.
6. Annoying behavior to report other players without a valid reason
7. Continuous use of broadcasts without a valid reason
8. Use of sound pads before the start of a round or when a spectator
9. not breaking roleplay or roleplaying in a way that does not fit the roleplay lore

The following precautions
1. Don't talk about meta stories (Can I talk about meta stories? and if they ask and are allowed, fine)
2. The use of sound pads is permitted, but the following precautions must be taken
Optimize the volume.
OK if it fits the roll.
3. Please do proper RP.
4. Make your RP easy to understand & respond to it because it's RP. c
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