Welcome to [SG/TH] Secret SCP Network |READ INFO| FF: OFF Discord: https://discord.gg/U8JvWje

Here is our rules:

1] Hackers, Cheaters and Modders are prohibited and will be banned permanently.
1.1] Camping and Spawnkills are prohibited and will be banned based on how severity it is.

2] This is Role Play Server, no teaming with other classes.

3] No spamming mic in the lobby, in the game, and in the end of the round, otherwise you will be muted.
3.1] The louder you spam, the heavier the punishment you will have.

4] This is Internation Server, so expect to have more Thai Players.
4.1] Being toxic will result in banning based on how severity it is.

5] Committed suicide as SCP without valid reason(s) is prohibited, otherwise resulting in banning.

By reading our rules, you have to accept all of them and all punishment you will receive.

Server Owner - Yang
Co-Owner - Yokai
Head Admin - Conrad TH
Admin - Trytocooperate, Den