Welcome to [SG/TH] Secret SCP Network |READ INFO| FF: OFF Discord: https://discord.gg/ftYqFfX

Remember to join the discord server for announcements and you can also submit event ideas. Server Boosting will get you a custom role. Reporting is also on the discord.

Here is our rules:

1] Hackers, Cheaters and Modders are prohibited and will be banned permanently.
1.1] Camping and Spawnkilling are prohibited and will be banned based on how severe it is.

2] This is a Roleplay Server, no teaming with other classes. (Roleplay in this sense means act like you are a facility guard if you actually get the facility guard role, you don't just go in guns blazing)

3] No mic spamming in the lobby, in the game, and at the end of the round, otherwise you will be muted and possibly banned.
3.1] The louder you mic spam, the more severe the punishment you will obtain.

4] This is an International Server, so expect to have any players from any race.
4.1] Being toxic will result in banning based on how severe it is.

5] Committing suicide as SCP without valid reason(s) is prohibited, otherwise resulting in banning. (Accept your role and embrace it)

By reading our rules, you have to accept that you will be punished by our staff team if you don't obey the rules.

Server Owner - Yang
Co-Owner - LCTH_Conrad
Head Admin - Trytocooperate
Admin - Den, Slickguypro
Moderators - [Coming Soon]
Server Boosters - [Coming Soon]