<b><size=20><align="center">Welcome to The McDonalds Server<b><size=20>
<align="left"><b><size=13>Rule 1:No Racism, transphobia ,homophobia , etc.
<b><size=13> Rule 2:Don't Mic spam in radio/intercom
<b><size=13> Rule 3:Kos is allowed.
<b><size=13> Rule 4:Do not attempt to ask or beg for admin.
<b><size=13> Rule 5:049,096,And 106 Have Proximity Chat.
<b><size=13> Rule 6:Please don't disrespect our admins and moderators.
<b><size=13> Rule 7:Dont leave or disconnect for hating a class.
<b><size=13> Rule 8:No slurs like R Word, N-word, etc.
<b><size=13> Rule 9:Dont be toxic to other players.
<b><size=13> Rule 10: Do not delay the round. Auto Nuke will go off or admin will restart the round.
<b><size=13> Rule 11: Do not ask about the ice cream machine due to ████████████████████████
<b><size=13> Rule 12: This server is in WIP.

<b><size=15> Appealing is allowed in the Discord.

Discord Server!
Other Info
Not affiliated with mcdonalds lol