<b><size=20><align="center">Welcome To The Pleistocene Haven, a chaotic little server and my first attempt at running one. Hope you enjoy guys!</color><b><size=20>
<align="left"><b><size=13>Rule 1:No transphobia, no racism, no homophobia, just don't be a pain in the ass.
<b><size=13> Rule 2: No KOS(Unless D-Boi or Nerd has gun out)
<b><size=13> Rule 3: No round stalling or camping
<b><size=13> Rule 4: You can roleplay and goof off, just don't hold the round.
<b><size=13> Rule 5: No Mic spamming in spec chat, SCP chat, intercom, and radio.
<b><size=13> Rule 6: No shutting doors on teammates.
<b><size=13> Rule 7: If you are last and you stall, people will be notified of what zone your in(ex: Heavy, light, etc)
<b><size=13> Rule 8: Do not kill self as zombie or team sabotage


Discord Server! (Clickable)