Welcome to Dev's House! Here are the basic rules put in place to keep this server fun and safe!

Server hosted by not dev [aka Google Chrome]

Discord Invite (Clickable)

This server is meant to be DIFFICULT so expect challenges!

1. No CHEATING! If you are caught cheating you will be banned from the server and you will most likely be globally banned!
2. Respect others. If you want someone to be nice to you, be nice to them! If you don't like someone, you can always mute them!
3. Please do not micspam over SCP chat, spectator chat, or over the radio. Waiting for players screen is fine but if an admin asks you to stop, then stop.
4. Do not kill SCPs in tesla gates if you are SCP-079.
5. Do not abuse glitches! (The plugins are still being balanced so if something is unfair, don't abuse it)
6. KoS is allowed to an extent. (e.g. Class D is trying to shoot you.) You may not kill detained players.
7. Always listen to the server administrators.

1. BetterLockers
2. FacilityManagement
3. MicroHIDExtended
5 RespawnTimer
6. SCPStats
7. ScpSwap
8. SerpentsHand
9. Stalky106
- This won't be updated often but there are more plugins.

I will add more plugins in the future! In the meantime, enjoy your stay!

Things to know/facts
- MicroHID will recharge after 1 minute
- Some guns have unlimited ammunition
- Rare items have a chance of spawning in lockers
- A lot of escape recipes exist!
There's much more but you can find it out yourself!