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This server uses "Jester's Privilege", meaning you can joke about certain things if both parties find the joke comical.

1. Be respectful to everyone. Don't use derogatory terms or offensive language towards others.
2. No ear-rape or mic spam (playing music is allowed if you're alive, but if numerous people ask you to stop, you must comply).
3. Do not beg for roles/class change.
4. Do not purposely delay rounds.
5. Teaming with SCPs is allowed for any class excluding Guards and MTF.
6. Any cheating, DDoSing, doxing, glitch abusing, malware distribution, or even threats is prohibited.
7. Stream sniping/giving callouts using 3rd party communications such as Discord is prohibited.
8. Suicide/leaving as an SCP (including 049-2) due to the fact you do not wish to play them is prohibited.
9. Follow Steam's TOS at all times.

Staff discretion applies to all rules and punishments depending on the situation.

Be sure to join the Discord above for ban appeals and to stay tuned!

- Credit to Kurva for inspiration for rules