The Scuut

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If you have any questions you can contact the owner on discord: ScuutScuutLucas#4079


1. We don't tolerate discrimination on the server, this includes but is not limited to racism, homophobia and sexism.
2. Hacking, exploiting and abusing bugs to your advantage is not allowed and will get you banned from the server.
3. Earraping and mic spamming is not allowed. Soundboard / playing music is only allowed in proximity chat.
4. Don't be toxic, try to keep the server fun for everyone.
5. Speaking other languages other than English is not allowed.
6. Team sabotage is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to closing doors on teammates, killing cuffed people and killing teammates as SCP-079.
7. Killing cuffed Class-D / Scientists is not allowed, you are only allowed to kill them if they disobey orders.
8. Teaming is not allowed. Only chaos is allowed to team with the SCP team.

Server Plugins / Features

AutoNuke - Auto nuke will start after 18 minutes in to the round, this is uncancellable.
BetterLateSpawn - If you join the server in the 60 seconds after the round started, you'll still spawn.
BetterSinkholes - If you stand on the sinkhole in light containment zone, you will slowly fall down and get teleported to the pocket dimension.
Chaos Spawn Announcement - A C.A.S.S.I.E announcement is played when chaos spawns.
CuffedProtection - You'll not be able to kill a scientist / class-d that is cuffed by your team.
Custom Spawner - Before the round starts, you'll be able to vote on the class of your liking. This will increase the chance for you to spawn as that class.
FFonRoundEnd - After the round ends, friendly fire will turn on.
KillMessage - When you kill someone, a message will pop up on your screen with who you killed.
No Trigger Tesla Gate - Facility guards will not trigger tesla gates.
Pink Candy - There's a very small chance that you can get pink candy from the candy room. If you eat this candy, you'll explode.
RemoteKeycard - You can simply open a door by having the right keycard in your inventory, no need to hold it.
RespawnTimer - Shows a respawn timer in spectator.
RoundSummary - Shows round statistics after the round ends.
SCP-1162 SCP-173's chamber turns in to a gambling chamber.
SCPstats - SCPstats is used for tracking statistics.
Subclasses - We have a couple of custom subclasses, you can find them on the discord.
Supply Drops - Throughout the round random supply drops fall down on surface.

SCP class related

096 Target Display - Displays a message to the player and 096 after you look at SCP-096
Better106Attack - 106 has a custom hit effect, after 106 hits someone they'll slowly fall down the pocket dimension.
SCP talk - Makes all SCP's be able to talk to humans like SCP-939.
SCP-008 - SCP-049-2 instances have a small chance to infect players when hitting them.
ScpSwap - On the start of the round (if you spawn as SCP) you'll be able to swap scp with another player by typing .scpswap (scp number) in the local console.
Stalky106 - SCP-106 can stalk players every 70 seconds.
WhoAreMyTeammates - If you spawn as SCP, this plugin will tell you what other SCPs spawned

We have a more in dept explaination of the plugins in our discord.