Discord: Click Here!

-Cross teaming IS allowed, as long as it doesn't hold up the round

-KOS Rules:
Scientist and Class-D KOS Not Allowed
Chaos and MTF KOS Allowed
Class-D and MTF KOS Not Allowed
Scientist and Chaos KOS Not Allowed

-No hurtful language, this includes:
Sexual language (e.g. "Whor3", "Th0t")
Racial slurs (e.g. "N1gga", "N1gga")
Sexuality slurs (e.g. "F4gg0t")

-Don't be annoying:
Keep asking for things after someone has said no multiple times.
Keep shutting doors on someone.

Please Note:
-Admins can kick/ban you if they feel the kick/ban was deserved.
-There are a lot of other rules in the Discord that aren't stated here.
-Mod applications aren't always open, so stop asking for mod.
-If someone is abusing their powers, report them in the Discord server, or add "Peyton#5395" on Discord and message him.
-There is a lot of other things we didn't mention here, but it should he common sense.