SCP: Site Phoenix

About SCP: Site Phoenix:
SCP: Site Phoenix is a dedicated SCP Secret Laboratory server that offers an immersive and thrilling gaming experience for players. Dive into the mysterious world of the SCP Foundation and its anomalous entities as you navigate through the treacherous facilities of Site Phoenix.

Rule 1: Show respect to others: Interact with fellow members in a kind, polite, and considerate manner.

Rule 2: Avoid engaging in harmful or explicit discussions in the chat: Prevent the creation of a negative or offensive environment by refraining from inappropriate or NSFW conversations.

Rule 3: Do not promote or endorse suicide or self-harm, make jokes related to sexualizing minors, or threaten other members.

Rule 4: Refrain from using racial, homophobic, or hateful slurs: Avoid using any form of offensive or discriminatory language based on race, sexual orientation, or hatred. Violation of these rules will result in a ban.

Rule 5: Accept that the staff's decisions are final: Engaging in arguments with the staff is not productive. Remember that they are human and volunteer their time to moderate our server.

Rule 6: Do not falsely report users consistently: Making false reports decreases trust and wastes time that could be used to address actual rule violations. It is strictly prohibited and will result in a warning and, eventually, a ban.

Rule 7: While using soundboards is allowed, if you receive reports about it, you will be asked to stop. Failure to comply may result in a warning or a global mute.

Rule 8: Treat others with kindness and enjoy the game without being disrespectful to others.

Rule 9: K.O.S (Kill On Sight) is not permitted on this server.
-Facility guards/MTF are not allowed to kill any D-Class on sight, unless the Class-D is visibly holding a weapon or refusing to comply with reasonable orders, breaking this rule will be met with a warning.
-Class D does not need to comply with unreasonable orders (like going into a room to be trapped)
-The K.O.S rule only applies to MTF and Guards killing ClassD.
-The rule also applies to ANY role killing any role that has been detained and has the ability to escape (unless they attempt to run away). You may NOT cuff and uncuff just to get past this rule.

Rule 10: No teaming: Teaming is not permitted within the server.
-> With the new update, Chaos are also required to kill SCPs.

Rule 11: No ghosting. You may not give or recieve information from the dead.

Rule 12: You may not leave, suicide or go AFK just because you do not wish to play the role, including as zombie.

Rule 13: You may not glitch into places you aren't intended to be in.

Rule 14: You must be 13+


If you have been banned or muted and would like to submit an appeal you can do so HERE