Do not disrespect other players, such as encouraging suicide or threatening them

Listen to the moderators

English only in the server, this includes soundboards and speech

No soundboard in any form of mass-communication (radio, intercom, spectator chat, etc...)

No KOS (this means NTF forces killing D-Class for no reason and does not include Scientists)

No inappropriate soundboards allowed

If you feel a ban or a warn was unjustified, join our discord here: invite link is here

No team sabotage allowed (such as closing doors on teammates or elevators) or teaming allowed (this is between humans and SCPs)

Teaming is not allowed between humans and SCPs (meaning humans can team with humans)

Killing yourself as an SCP is not allowed (this includes 049-2), if you leave and re-join to avoid becoming a zombie or to not be an SCP, this is also against the rules.

Ghosting is not allowed in this server.

Camping is not allowed in this server (this includes prolonging the round by barely moving)

Discord, wulfiethewolf