1. To get it out of the way: no racism, no homophobia, no discrimination generally. Just don't be a dick, simple!

2. Mic spam is allowed, but keep it to a minimum in lobby chat and spectator chat. Use it freely in gameplay prox chat.

3. Since this is a UK/EU server, English is the preferred language. This won't be particularly enforced, but it might cause confusion in a mainly English-speaking server.

4. Once again, KOS is ALLOWED. This also includes cuffed D-Class and Scientists.

FOR THE ABOVE RULE - As long as the Wagyumi event is on, KOS will NOT be allowed to facilitate a smooth gameplay experience.

5. Teaming, if ever it would happen, is allowed in the following circumstances:
- Scientists and D-Class can team against an SCP
- Chaos and MTF can team against an SCP, but must immediately stop teaming upon terminating the SCP, if not before that.
- Chaos can team with an SCP if they find themselves able to against the MTF, but must immediately stop teaming upon terminating the MTF

6. Chaos and MTF (including guards) can be cuffed and escape to become the opposite team, but this does not mean KOS does not apply to them. It is at the discretion of team members whether to kill them or not in all circumstances.

Enjoy the Funhouse!