<color="orange"> <align="center"> <size=100%> Welcome to Dude Piston Studios!

<color="red"> <align="center"> <size=100%> Join our Discord Server Here!

<color="blue"> https://discord.gg/FAaWW5KbDq

<size=80%> <color="green"> Rules

<size=80%> Rule 1: No killing of disarmed players.

<size=80%> Rule 2: Respect the staff.

<size=80%> Rule 3: There's is no tolerance for Homophobia, Racism, Transphobia, etc. and it will result in an immediate ban.

<size=80%> Rule 4: No hacking or game breaking exploits

<size=80%> Rule 5: Do not harass any other players in the server.

<size=80%> Rule 6: Do not camp in one spot for too long.

<size=80%> Rule 7: Don't be toxic.

<size=80%> Rule 8: No excessive micspamming. (Occasional micspamming to mess around is okay.)

<size=80%> Rule 9: Bullet Hole Art can not break Rule 3 or be NSFW

<size=80%> Plugins: (Will be listed here once they are added to the game)