Site-37 is the more smaller type of server with 15 players max server and with Staff members...

Discord Server:
Discord Link (CLICKABLE)

1. No mic spamming
2. Don't purposely friendly fire someone
3. Do not say Slur or Racism
4. Don't be Toxic or offensive
5. Don't kill detained Class-D's or scientist's (Unless not following orders)
6. As the last 2 people on your team or other not counting scps you can not camp for too long.
7. Teaming is allowed as long as they have a common goal but must fight after or detain. (ex: Mtf and Chaos wanna kill SCP 173)
8. Do not KOS unless seems hostile attempting to escape.
9. Dont be a smart ass to any staff member

Talk to Co-Owner or high rank if you need to contact owner