Welcome to Where No Light Can Reach
- No harassing or griefing other players.
- No discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
- No mic spamming
- No killing D-boys safely under GUARD and DETAINED by Guard or MTF.
- No teaming between Chaos, MTF, or SCPs.
- No Ghosting (sitting in voice calls meta gaming.)
- No suicide as ANY SCP whatsoever INCLUDING zombies. DM an admin if you would like to change your scp.

Overly toxic players will eventually be banned.
Ask Admins or add Umbra XVIII on steam for Discord Server link.
We keep a clean server, if you are here to grief players or scream words you shouldn't you will be 50 year banned.
If you have a complaint or feel like there is Admin abuse, please add Umbra XVIII on steam.

Server owner contact email - [email protected]