Welcome to the Taco Truck!
1. No Racism. Homophobia or any form of discrimination
2. DO NOT micspam, soundboards can be funny but there is a limit
3. Do not team kill as 079
4. No teaming with other factions unless it is between chaos and scps
5. Do Not Ignore Staff Instructions
6. No hacking or exploits
7. Do not advertise on our server

If an SCP suicides or leaves before the first spawn wave admins will tag in a spectator
We are yet to add any plugins however if any tech savvy individuals want to help set it up contact us on discord (link below)
If this server gains enough support we may make a patreon and expand it in the future
If you have any queries or are interested in applying for staff please contact me- OverniteGamer5 or my Co-owner- LesTacos on discord

Make sure to join our discord: https://discord.gg/Q6ZmKSN7BE