This server is an RP server, it's a french server and we have a little community with 30- players on discord.
Discord link :
We try to make a fun server to play.

RULES : (it's an rp server)

RP Rules

Do FearRP, please play fear. Ex: put yourself in your character's shoes. So, imagine that you go to a lab filled with monsters waiting to eliminate you. Please do not make any references to your former life. Non-RP insults and racism are not allowed. Please don't be a rabbit (don't jump around).

MAKE RP BREAD! IF YOU GET SHOT IN THE FOOT OR OTHERWISE LEAVE, FEEL PAIN! It spoils the whole experience if it's not done.
Basic Rules:

Trolling is forbidden under penalty of heavy punishment: "Spam Micro, Soundboard..."
Other Information:
Killing a D-Class/Scientist is allowed if he/she does not cooperate.
FreeKill and TeamKill are forbidden.
Drawing pictures with bullet holes.

You must surrender if you are alone against multiple enemies (CIA, NTF's, Chaos Insurgency)

Class rules :

They don't know anything about the Foundation and the SCPs.

They can ally themselves with chaos. And if they want to, they can teach the D-Class how the SCP's work.

MTFs :
They have to listen to the NTF's. They have to make sure that the D-Classes don't escape, unless ordered by the NTF or if there is a Warhead.
They have the right to shoot the D-Class if they don't listen.


This is the second in command of the NTF's. He gives orders to the soldiers but listens to the Captain's orders.
NTF Scientist

Same level as the Captain. Knows how to use PCSs perfectly.

He manages his whole squad. He has the right to take the life of one of his squad if he is disrespectful.
Different NTF squads must help each other.

Chaos Insurection:

Same hierarchical system as the MTFs but with different names.
(In the RP, conscripts are superior to marauders)

They shoot MTF's on sight.
They have the ability to capture/evacuate an NTF/Guard.
Their objective is to escort D-Class and SCP-049 but must steal SCP's Objects.
They can do whatever they want with the SCP's
They can use all weapons.
They have the right to activate the Warhead.

The CIA is allied with the NTF, they can activate the Nuclear Warhead, after 2 respawns (all different classes), their goal is to recon the SCP's. The CIA can ally with chaos only if it is in their interest to survive. All CIA members are of the same accreditation.

SCPs may not stay in groups and hunt alone (except for SCP-939).
SCPs are not allowed to close doors except SCP-049, SCP-049-2 (if ordered by SCP-049 and SCP-079).
SCP's have the right to want to escape (When there is the Warhead), so go to the exit routes but their murderous instinct takes over their life, if they meet a Human on the way, they are OBLIGATED to chase/eliminate him. This does not apply to SCP-049 and SCP-106
SCP 079:

It is an AI, it must use the intercoms to mislead the humans. Thus, if it uses the cameras to help the SCP's camp.
SCP 096:

He is afraid of everyone, when he sees someone he leaves. Unless you look him in the eye.
SCP 939:
He is attracted to all sounds, no matter what the source of the sound (voices, grenades, footsteps, doors...). It can be identified by sound, and charges at its victim as soon as it hears it. If there is nothing (untouched or lost target), he goes back to hunting. If he bites someone, his target plays the pain (Scream, Cry...).
He does not walk along the walls because humans walk along them to avoid being killed.
If, in the middle of his passage, there is a person, he must kill him.
He must flee in battle if he takes too much damage in a short time.
SCP 173:
It is mandatory to follow a human target, he is deaf, so he can't spot by noise.
He is forced to take Teslas because he has no conscience.
SCP 049:
He must signal his mood as soon as he comes into contact with other people to avoid InstantsKills.
He must be friendly enough and must take care of some Class-D Pestilence.
He has to keep a strong language because he has a 15th century dialect.
He has the right to be uncooperative with the Chaos Insurgency, depending on their level of negotiations.
SCP 049-2
He must follow 049 and his orders.
When SCP-049 is escorted, they become hostile.

SCP-049-2 is not allowed to dodge/flee if shot at.

Human-SCP's Rule:

Do not taunt an SCP after successfully evading it.
RP scenarios change the way you play, join our discord to find out.