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한국 커뮤니티는 DISCORD, 중국 커뮤니티는 QQ 각 공지와 규칙을 확인할 수 있습니다.
여기에서 한국인과 중국인이 함께 게임을 즐길 수 있으며, 규칙을 준수하며 게임을 즐겨주시길 바랍니다 !




(1) No derogatory comments from each country (permanent ban)

(2) No cheat programs (permanent ban)

(3) No abuse of bugs (permanent ban)

(4) No false reporting (permanent ban)



(1) No killing of arrested opponents

(2) Disable playing audio on public channels

(3) No teaming

(4) No swearing ( joke is okay )

(5) No action that harms the team
5-1ㅣDon't steal items in 914
5-2ㅣDon't close the door when an ally is passing by

(6) Ban on voice terrorism
6-1ㅣSong playback is okay (except loud)
6-2ㅣDo not play songs in the lobby
6-3ㅣDon't play sounds that make the other person uncomfortable
6-4ㅣStop when people tell you to stop

(7) SCP Suicide Ban
7-1ㅣIf the SCP dies then it's okay to SCP win the game

(8) Slaughter Limit
8-1ㅣ2 kill limit
8-2ㅣNo limit in case of rebellion
8-3ㅣPrisoners and scientists cannot kill each other unless they rebel against each other

(9) Stay Time Limit
9-1ㅣNormal stay can last up to 3 minutes (including ground)
9-2ㅣSpecial circumstances are not included. (For example, when enemies are nearby)


Manager Protection Policy

(1) Do not interfere with the manager's work

(2) Do not force the manager