CHAOS Dr Clef's Laboratory


For information about the server and server plugins please join the discord server

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We do not punish people for KOS but do for killing cuffed players

Server Rules

1. No racism or homophobia or any form of harmful language and may harm a group or a specific person.

2. No exploiting bugs or glitches this is prohibited as it causes a player to get a unfair advantage.

3. You are not allowed to grief your teammates this includes closing doors on them during spawnwaves or getting your SCPS killed as 079.

4. No mic spam in SCP channels or spectator channels.

5. No stalling rounds by camping or going out of bounds this can result in punishment if reported.

6. Staff members have final say unless they are abusing this rule you can report this on the discord.

7. Teaming with roles that may stall the round is not allowed.

8. No advertisements in game unless it is related to a topic or permitted.

9. You are not permitted to join this server if you are under the age of 13 this is because it breaches the steam tos please report players you believe to breach this rule.

10. No skibidi toilet.

To contact the owner please join the discord server!