Discord: https://discord.gg/V9wKS6Z
Staff Contact: [email protected]


– Respect our Administrators and Members. When a Game Server Administrator speaks/types, LISTEN!!!
– Racial/ethnic slurs/slang or comments, improper sexual or religious comments, and foul language WILL NOT be tolerated.
– All Weapons and All Perks Allowed
– No Hacking
– No Glitching
– No Advertising or Recruiting for Non-CMS servers.
– No bad/foul language. (What is considered Bad Language is determined by us)

Even though some games are rated M and contain profanity, the profanity is not aimed at individual players and is included as part of the gaming experience.
It is not the use of bad language itself that bothers us but the interference it can cause during gameplay.
The games DO NOT include personal attacks or use of racial slurs/slang and/or comments.
Players inserting bad language into the gameplay cause an extreme amount of disruption when arguments with constant bickering back and
forth break out. We have found the gaming experience to be much better without this type of interference and therefore it is not allowed. We are serious about our gaming and do not enjoy the type of disruptions that the constant use of profanity may cause therefore the easiest thing for us is to eliminate its use completely.
– No racial slurs, slang, or comments.
– No name-calling.
– No intentional team killing for any reason.
– No excessive whining.
– Respect all players.

– If having a problem or conflict with any CMS Member/Admin please contact the CMS through our Discord

– If a player gets banned in a server,
no explanation needs to be provided to that individual by the Server Admin unless the Admin chooses to do so.
A guest banned from one of our servers may appeal the ban on the discord by contacting a staff member.
The ban will then will be reviewed and a determination will be made on whether to lift the ban or not.