Welcome to DPAF. No, we won't tell you what DPAF stands for; you'll have to work that one out for yourself.

This server is running the following Plugins:

> Auto Friendly-Fire Toggle
> Better SCP-939
> Better Sinkholes
> Chopper Drop (Surface Supply Drops)
> Door Restart System
> Ghost Spectator Mode
> Peanut Explodes
> Player Unstuck
> Respawn Timers
> SCP-575
> SCP-008
> SCP-035
> SCP-1162
> Stalk Ability For SCP-106
> Tranquiliser Gun
> Wait and Chill

A few ground rules while you're here:

Cheating within the game:

No cheating, obviously. It doesn't take a genius to work out that cheating is a bad move. Don't do it. We will just ban you.

KOS (Kill On Sight) Rules (i):

Please try to avoid KOS (Kill on Sight). If it happens, it happens, but try not to make it a running thing.

KOS (Kill On Sight) Rules (ii):

If a player named Tiny Mouse/AwesomeSauce is about, please disregard KOS Rule (i) and shoot her to your heart's content.

The use of alt accounts to avoid a Mute, Kick or Ban.

If you are found to be using an alternate account to circumvent the enforcement that has been placed upon you, you will be PERMANENTLY banned on all accounts.

Respect On The Server:

Show others respect, even if you don't get along. Leave any bad blood at the door; we don't need patients starting arguments and ruining the community for others.

Above all, have fun you filthy animals!

Server Owner: Nerve
Server Admin: Thallian
Server Moderator(s): Tiny Mouse

For more information on the server or to keep up with the DPAF community, here is our Discord invite link! https://discord.gg/7cuunSt