[US] Pizzacats Pizzeria :3</size=25>

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<align="center">Step into the zany world of PizzaCat's Pizzeria, your ultimate SCP Secret Laboratory server loaded with 15+ unique plugins that transform your gaming experience! Our community is all about fun, silliness, and unforgettable adventures.

Better Coin Flips & Funny Pills - Ready to test your luck? Flip a coin Or Find some Pills and discover if fortune is on your side. With one coin per class And randomly spawning pills, anything can happen - from amazing rewards to hilarious mishaps!

Roles - Dive into over 30+ subclasses like Silent Chaos, Who Is very Sneaky, or the ultra-rare Prankster, ready to troll everyone. Each game is a new adventure with endless possibilities!

SCP 035 and Serpent’s Hand - Embrace chaos as SCP 035 when you pick up a special object or become part of the sinister Serpent's Hand, helping SCPs to bring down everyone else.

Server Rules:
1. No trolling groups allowed, will be banned instantly if found out.
2. No Mic spamming or mass earrape.
3. No racial or homophobic slurs are allowed.
4. No bullying other players, that’s not cool.
5. teaming is not allowed with scp's, everyone else is fine.
6. No Camping in rooms or prolonging the game.
7. No exploiting/cheating or glitching is allowed.
8. No killing disarmed class-d personnel or disarmed scientists.
9. No DDoS or Doxxing.
10. Please have respect over staff, we can punish you if you aren't serious when we confront you.