<align="center">PowerPlus<size=25>SCP</size=25> Is a Community For SCP Secret lab (duh, what else would we be? a minecraft community? ha no, we are not blocks)
We do weekly server events and monthly event prizes (free money for playing a free game, best deal ever.....but i need all your Robux) and we have the most super pog-est, nice-est, awesome-est, cheesy-est, the best-est, community out there, we have a guy named skills for crying out loud, he is very skill-ful, unlike me :'3.
500 thou(sands) of reasons to join our community and play on our server, discord link down below (totally not a rick roll ;)</size=20>

<align="center"><size=15>Join our community Discord!(Click on Discord to open Invite)

Serpents Hand:
Serpents Hand is another group of classes similar to MTF and Chaos. Their main goal is to break out the SCPs and kill everyone else.

"green people love scp's for some reason" -Pizzacat

Respawn Timer:
A timer that tells you when you are going to respawn next when you are in spectator mode.

"death is never permanent" -Pizzacat

Stalky 106:
Teleport to players as 106.

"106 will find you :3 " -Pizzacat

Server Rules:
1. No TK, read TK rules for what you can and can’t do.
2. No Mic spamming or mass earrape on global VCs, but in proximity chat it’s fine.
3. No racial or homophobic slurs are allowed.
4. No bullying other players, that’s not cool.
5. No teaming allowed, but you can sacrifice another's life.
6. No Camping in rooms or prolonging the game.
7. No killing tutorials unless a GOI (Group of Interest) has entered the round.
8. No exploiting/cheating or glitching is allowed.
9. No killing disarmed class-d personnel or disarmed scientists.
10. No DDoS or Doxxing.
11. No KOS on D-Class and Scientists. (Literally no one follows this rule anymore lol)
12. Please have respect over staff, we can punish you if you aren't serious when we confront you.
13. Use common sense, idiots.

(Team-Kill) TK Rules:
1. Revenge TK is fine, but you need a screenshot.
2. Getting caught in crossfire is fine.
3. Killing teammates for no reason isn’t ok.
4. Purposely getting caught in crossfire isn’t ok.
5. Asking to get TKed is fine.
6. No killing detained D class or if they are complying with orders.