Hello, and welcome to Univis Entertainment's SCP:SL Server.


1. Delay the rounds by sitting in a room, purposely avoiding confrontation, or repeatedly stopping nuke after being told to stop [verbal warning after 1 minute, despawn after 2 minutes]
2. Team with Chaos/SCPs as MTF/Facility Guards
3. Glitch or exploit mechanics in the game to gain an advantage
4. Stream-snipe, unless the streamer gives permission
5. Intentionally team kill or attempt to team kill unless all parties agree (Self-defense, even one shot, is allowed, and unintentional crossfire doesn’t count)
6. Leave a server with the intention to avoid bans or punishment [will up the punishment by one degree for every instance of evasion]
7. Purposefully suicide as 049, 096, 106, 173, or 939 [you will be asked to stop by a moderator once, continuation of this will result in further punishment.]
8. Purposefully suicide as 049-2 [you will be asked to stop by a moderator twice, but latter punishments will follow standard warn preceding ban procedures]

Our full set of rules can be found in our Discord server. By playing on our servers, you are agreeing to them.

Discord Link: discord.gg/AHm9FBV

Server Plugins!

Serpents Hand, <color=#00ff00ff>Remote Keycard, <color=#ff00ffff>AssistInfection, <color=#ffa500ff>and many more to come!