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General Rules</link>


A.1. No Harassment
It is prohibited to be toxic, racist, insult other players, or use racial slurs/derogatory terms such as the 'N' word.
Treat other players with respect.

A.2. Follow staff orders
Follow all instructions given by the staff and do not hinder them in any way while they are performing their duties.

Server Rules</link>


B.1. No Teamkilling
However, teamkilling is allowed if any rules are broken.

B.2. Using your soundboard over the intercom is acceptable, provided it is not overly loud.
The same applies to the radio and SCP Chat.
If asked to stop by a Moderator or another player, please comply.

B.3. Teaming with SCPs
Teaming with SCPs is allowed as long as it does not excessively stall the round.

B.4. KOS is allowed but on surface MTF and Guards have to attempt to Cuff Class-D.

B.5. Chaos Insurgents and Foundation personnel are required to engage in combat with each other.

B.6. No Excessive Trolling
Engaging in excessive trolling, such as intentionally closing doors on your teammates, is not allowed.

B.7. No False Reports
Do not falsely report players.

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