[FF Maybe] [US-WEST]

We are heavily modded, with extra and revamped gameplay features. I recommend joining the discord, for more info about our plugins! Gameplay will not differ much from the base game, but there are some new things to look out for.

Want to join our Discord? -->
P.S. You can also just type aWnVfbU into Discord to join.


1. Don't excessively team kill. (It's allowed, but don't kill like 10 people per life.)
2. D-Bois that surrender should not be killed. Same with cuffed.
3. Facility guards cannot kill D-Class before an MTF spawn. (Does not apply to scientists.)
4. Facility guards can kill D-Class in Heavy Zone and up.
5. Only the following teams can work together (SCPs/Chaos/D-Class) (All foundation staff.)
5 1/2. D-Class can work with Foundation Staff if cuffed (duh.)
6. You can mercy people. (Don't use this as an excuse for teaming.)
7. SCPs should not try to kill each other. (079 can kill other SCPs if it really wants to.)
8. Don't suicide as an SCP.
9. Closing doors on teammates is annoying.
10. Soundboards are fine, as long as they are not used in global chats/ non-proximity chats.
(After a round ends when proximity chat is turned off, try to remember to turn off your soundboard.)
11. SCPs can play games with people in turn for living.
12. Camping drags rounds on. Don't do that, it's also annoying.
13. Speaking of which, don't drag on rounds. Admins WILL end the round if it's taking forever.
14. Be respectful to staff (When on duty). Report incorrect warnings/punishments in discord.
15. Staff may abuse their commands, we have strict rules about when this can occur, and it doesn't happen 24/7.

Noteable Plugins:

1. SCP-1162: Drop items in 173's containment chamber for more stuff.
2. SCP-035: 2 items are it, pick it up you die and a spectator replaces you.
3. SCP-008: Zombies have a chance to infect you.
4. Better939: 939 is slightly faster, get's angry, and does more damage.
5. AutoNuke after 20 minutes (This cannot be turned off.)
6. CoinBlocksDoors: Stick a coin inside of doors to lock the door.
7. ItemsBlockTeslas: Certain Items stop teslas from firing.
8. SCPUtils: D-Class can spawn with a variety of stuff.

(SCP-049 can talk on this server, and for SCP-914 items can be held.)