[Canada/US-East] Phantom's SCP Hangout [FF OFF]

Server Host Location: <color=#00ffffff>Ashburn, USA [East USA]

Join our Discord!
Invite: https://discord.gg/tU2vWRHq6g

Basic Rules
<color=#FFFFFF>1. No slurs, derogatory or discriminating terms. Strictly 0 tolerance, you will be punished accordingly.
2. No Harassment towards an individual or groups of individuals
3. No Being Toxic / Obnoxious towards one or multiple person(s).
4. No attempts to evade or play around the rules will be allowed.
5. No Advertising. Only usernames with "YT" or "TTV" in them will be tolerated.
6. This is an English Server.
7. No Cheating / Exploiting of any kind. You will be punished immediately. (Basic SCP:SL Rule)
8. Be kind! Everyone has a better time if you're nice!

Game Rules
<color=#FFFFFF>1. Absolutely no teaming between Guards / MTF and the SCP's.
2. No Team Killing (This includes abusing Tesla Gates to kill another SCP as 079).
3. No killing of ANY detained individuals who are following orders. If they become disobedient / attempt to flee then it is allowed.
4. No micspam allowed in Radio, Spectator Chat, SCP Chat or Intercom. The only time that micspam is allowed is in proximity chat (While you are alive).
5. Camping / Stalling the game is not allowed.
6. No closing doors / elevators / gates on teammates to sabotage them (Refer to Rule #2). This includes closing doors as SCP-079 to prevent other SCP's from playing.
7. Uncuffing a detained individual with the intent of killing them is not allowed (Refer to Rule #3).