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Rules :

1 · Don't tell information while in spectator.
Do NOT dm or tell people information about other players while you are in spectator mode,this also includes screensharing.
(if a player is communicating through SCP-7576 u are allowed to tell everything, camping is allowed if you are not slowing the game down.)

2 · Don't purposefully kill yourself.
Do NOT purposefully kill yourself when you are playing as something ur not happy with or if u've had a bad run so far, This ruins the game for others.

3 · Don't camp to slow the game down.
Example: as scp waiting behind a door you cant open but people are in the room and they clearly heard you, this makes it so other players are unable to continue playing the game.
(scp-939 is a stealth based SCP therefore it is allowed to camp but not for a long duration of time: 1 to 2 mins. IF IT ISNT SPOTTED)

4 · No KOS "Kill On Sight"
(This counts for everyone EXCEPT scp AND CHAOS VS MTF, CUFFING AND KILLING FOR NO REASON IS KOS.) If you see someone from the other class, don't immediately kill them.

5 · No Slurs or Toxicity
Don't make fun of other players, don't be rude against them, Slurs speak for themselves. make sure the game is fun for everyone.
(However u can say stuff like this (NOT SLURS) in a more playful way, like you do with friends, but do be careful.)

6 · TeamKilling
You are NOT allowed to kill a member of your team.
(this counts for ghostlights and everything else that can kill your teammate that is YOUR fault.)

7 · No exploiting
You are NOT allowed to use hacks, cheats, glitches or exploits of any kind in our server.
(doing this will get you kicked or banned depending on what you did.)
8 · Streamer streaming
When a streamer that is present in our discord server is streaming, DO NOT play copyrighted music or say slurs, words that youtube or twitch doesnt allow
(doing this will get you kicked or muted depending on what you did.)

9 · SCP teaming
You are NOT allowed to team with an scp.
(doing this will get you a warning or a kick depending on how you did.)
lenient explanation on this rule: you are allowed to get spared by the scp once.
and agreements can be made

Last updated: 30-3-2024