Welcome to Deathforce: Facility #2
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Please join server #1 for the vanilla server

Server location
Georgia, United States

This server is equipped with plugins and a heavily modded server
# 1 DocRework - 049 Can create an aura that heals nearby zombies after they have obtained enough cures
# 2 Stalky106 - Gives them the ability to stalk random people by placing a portal at their feet!
# 3 SCP-575 - An scp that could send the facility to darkness so make sure to keep some light on you and watch your health
# 4 Lone079 - 079 Will turn into a random SCP upon death
# 5 SCPSWAP - Swap scp with someone else at start of round
# 6 10 percent - change the gamemode will change into dodgeball or a special event
# 7 Horror sounds - Just a little something to spice up the air in the facility
# 8 Shooting range - Mess around while you wait to respawn with .range or come back with .spectator
Join our discord to suggest any plugins or new things you would like to see in the server!

General Rules
Everyone deservers respect. Keep yourself on your best behavior.
Always follow staff directions.
Do not impersonate any SCP:SL or Server Staff.
Cheating will result in a global ban from the game.

Server Rules
# 1. Always follow staff directions.
# 2. No SCP:SL or Server Staff impersonation.
# 3. No cheating or exploiting, Cheating will result in a global ban from all SCP Secret Laboratory Servers.
# 4. Do not close doors on teammates or lock them in rooms!
# 5. Spawn camping/killing is forbidden.
# 6. Camping is forbidden. Do not delay the round longer than necessary.
# 7. No racism, Sexism or Personal harrasment of any kind.
# 8. Do not play music or soundboards in spectator or on the intercom and don't mic spam in general.
# 9. Teaming is not allowed (Except between Chaos and SCP).
> > Sparing someone's life is not considered teaming. Just make sure you go your separate ways.
# 10. Speaking in any language other than English is not allowed.
# 11. Do NOT kill SCPs as SCP-079.
# 12. No advertising youtube/twitch/discord etc in any way.
# 13. Misusing/Abusing the AFK System and/or the report system is not allowed.
# 14. Abiding by Steam Terms of Service, you may not play under the age of 13.
# 15. Any and all topics that contain either NSFW, NSFL or any other topic connected to something of this nature is prohibited.
# 16. Asking/begging for roles, classes, etc. is prohibited.
# 17. Do not sabotage your team!
> This includes turning off generators, killing cooperating cuffed D-Class, and uncuffing D-Class just before letting them escape.