Lima Gaming Rules
Violation of these rules will result in punishment based upon severity

[Unappealable Rules]
The following rules will result in bans that cannot be appealed. These apply in-game and discord:
1. No Racism
2. No Harassment (Age, gender, sexuality, etc), Slurs, or any activity that is deemed Illegal in the US
3. No Bullying members of the community
4. No Advertising of anything NOT related to lima gaming *Exceptions: Partner*

[Ingame Rules]
The following rules apply to the ingame portion:
1. TK is only allowed on Server #1
2. You may micspam, no loud noises/bass boosted audio.
3. Teaming is allowed to extent (Refer to Teaming Rules)
4. Delaying the round for any reason is NOT allowed. (Leave and Rejoin if stuck | SCPs just try and open the door)
5. Toxicty is allowed to an EXTENT (Anything relating to telling someone to harm themselves or more will be a direct violation of this)
6. DO NOT start arguments on this server, if you want to argue take it to DMs

[Teaming Rules]
SCPs may team with: Serpents Hand, Chaos, D Class
Researchers may team with: Chaos, D Class
D Class may team with: Researchers, Serpents Hand, MTF/Guards, SCPs
Chaos may team with: SCPs, Researches
MTF/Guards may team with: D Class

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